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Certified Vendors

SBFE built its single-feed, multi-Certified Vendor model to support the safe and secure growth of small businesses by delivering a highly accurate and comprehensive picture of a small business through SBFE Data™ across a broad ecosystem. We do this by providing SBFE Data™ to multiple SBFE Certified Vendors™, enabling a varied set of risk management solutions and contingency options for lenders. Data protection is a core element of SBFE’s mission; therefore, Certified Vendors must undergo a rigorous certification process and ongoing oversight designed by the industry in order to receive this designation.

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From dun & bradstreet:

In 2014, Dun & Bradstreet became the first Certified Vendor of the Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE®) when SBFE transitioned to a Certified Vendor business model. Dun & Bradstreet combines the power of the SBFE Data™ with our innovative data sources and superior identity resolution capabilities and analytics to improve decisioning across the credit lifecycle.  SBFE Members are harnessing the power of the data to enhance their underwriting strategies, expand customer segmentation by risk and opportunity, and pinpoint their collections and recovery efforts. The combined predictive power of SBFE Data™ and Dun & Bradstreet is unrivaled on the market today.

Innovation with SBFE Data™ is at the heart of Dun & Bradstreet’s focus when it comes to building Analytic solutions for customers.

From equifax:

Equifax is a trusted leader in business and consumer information services with a focus on small business data, and has a very long, proud history with the SBFE that dates back to the time of it’s founding in 2001. Equifax Commercial clients have access to a wealth of financial, non-financial and consumer data based solutions which provide insights that drive the acquisition of new customers, strengthen relationships, mitigate financial risk and optimize processes for profitable business growth.

From Experian:

At Experian, we provide every client with the most holistic view of small business risk to drive efficiencies, mitigate risk, and improve profitability. Every day, our data scientists apply the latest technology and AI modeling techniques to a wealth of traditional and alternative business and consumer data sources to provide the most comprehensive blended insights into the health of small and emerging businesses in the market. Combined with SBFE data, these unique data assets give our clients a decisive edge driving speed, efficiency and confidence in decisioning.

Working with Experian means you gain a partner in your business-- from the moment you engage with our team to determine the best solution, the peace of mind you get by relying on the industry’s most stringent security and governance policies – Experian’s Security First program, to the confidence of consistent and rapid customer service enjoyed by thousands of customers.

From lexisNexis® risk solutions:

Our goal at LexisNexis Risk Solutions is to help you grow market share while minimizing risk. The power of data, linking, and advanced analytics delivers the best insights on the credit potential of small businesses. Our aggregated bank credit, trade credit, and alternative data are fused together with our patented next-gen data-linking algorithms and distilled into credit scores, reports, attributes, and monitoring solutions to help you make the best credit risk decisions possible. Our products include insights on both the small business and the people connected to the business, and are based on over 40 years of innovation, expertise and the highest standards for security and privacy.

Our innovative products fuse bank credit, trade credit, and alternative data with connections to associated people and our patented next-gen data-linking algorithms to give you broader coverage, higher hit rates, more predictive scores, and less risk.