Our Mission

Serving as the most trusted advocate for the safe and secure growth of small business.

Formed in 2001, the Small Business Financial Exchange is a highly trusted business data exchange that is governed by the small business lending industry and managed independently from credit reporting agencies. Small business lenders rely on SBFE’s distinctive information security and data governance controls. SBFE attracts lenders of all sizes and types from across the industry, making SBFE Data™ a rich and robust information source to enable sound credit risk management decisions. SBFE Members leverage SBFE’s best-in-class data management tools and the multi-certified vendor model to receive SBFE Data-driven products, which aid in effectively managing risk and delivering efficiency within their organizations.

What We Value







Meet Our Team

We pride ourselves on having some of the best, most experienced people in the industry.

Elisabeth Hughes MacDonald
Chief executive officer
Liza Brady
Pete Tannish
information security & Risk
Mike Stevens
senior director of enterprise information management
Mike Farley
senior manager of Growth initiatives
D.J. Rose
Business Analyst
T.J. Hufstetler
SENIOR Manager, Data operations
Grace Brandon
Membership + Events Coordinator
Holly Hughes
Enterprise risk and quality assurance
Daniel Price
Karue Andrews
Senior data manager
Daniel Kimmitt
data analyst
Heidi Kazee
Senior Business Analyst
Tong Fu
Data analyst
Luke Donnelly
Data analyst
Therese Kosina
Data analyst
Michael Tryon
Head of strategic relationships

Our Extended Team

While the Small Business Financial Exchange, Inc. operates with a lean full-time staff, this does not limit our capacity to serve our Members and make a big impact in the vitality of the small business lending ecosystem. SBFE thrives on the committed support of our Board of Directors, Member organizations, industry experts on our committees and task forces, and a dedicated staff and support team at the SBFE Data Warehouse.  Additionally, our Certified Vendor relationships and other trusted advisers continue to contribute to our growth and success in delivering on our mission.

Interested in a career with the Small Business Financial Exchange?

Currently, there are no positions open at this time.