Strength in Numbers for

Small Business Lending

Stronger data
for more predictive
Commercial lending

Stronger data for more
predictive Commercial lending

The Small Business Financial Exchange, familiarly known as SBFE, is a trade association striving to be the trusted advocate for the safe and secure growth of small businesses. We do this by gathering and protecting the largest aggregation of small business payment data in the US today and leveraging the power of that data to help the lending industry build a true and accurate picture of small business credit health.

The power of SBFE lies in the numbers. The numbers that comprise one of the richest small business data sets in the United States. The number of members that provide their data to SBFE. The number of commercial credit reporting agencies that create unique commercial risk products solely for SBFE members. The number of small business lenders that comprise SBFE's Board of Directors. It's these numbers that provide security, accountability, advocacy, and the overall strength of SBFE as a trade association and advocate for small business lending.

SBFE Fast Facts

Largest U.S. business card issuers contribute data to SBFE
37+ million
Small businesses with $400 billion in outstandings represented
Years of historical data, dating back to 2001
89+ million
Accounts represented in SBFE data
Of the top 10 commercial lenders contribute data to SBFE
Approximate members, including 420 total portfolios, 69% of which are contributed by traditional financial lenders

A few of our sbfe members