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The Small Business Financial Exchange, familiarly known as SBFE®, is a nonprofit trade association striving to be the trusted advocate for the safe and secure growth of small businesses. We do this by gathering and protecting the largest aggregation of small business payment data in the US today and leveraging the power of that data to help the small business industry build a true and accurate picture of small business.

This is the SBFE Revolution

Small Business Financial Exchange Business Model

SBFE strives to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive information and insights supporting the best outcomes for lenders and small businesses


SBFE Members contribute their small business data to the SBFE Data Warehouse™ where it is stored and SBFE’s data protections begin. SBFE is an independent third party, governed by the small business lending industry, which protects the data from uses other than intended purpose.


The SBFE Data Warehouse™ normalizes the data and governs both contribution quality and Certified Vendor compliance. Certified Vendors develop risk products using SBFE Data™ exclusively for Members.


SBFE Members utilize SBFE Data-driven products and services developed by Certified Vendors to secure the most accurate and true picture of the small businesses.

SBFE Fast Facts

Largest U.S. business card issuers contribute data to SBFE
39+ million
Estimated small and micro businesses represented
Years of historical data, dating back to 2001
85+ million
Accounts represented in SBFE data
Of the top 10 commercial lenders contribute data to SBFE
Approximate members, including 420 total portfolios, 69% of which are contributed by traditional financial lenders

SBFE Membership Offers:



Members trust SBFE to protect their small business data and to provide SBFE Data that is highly predictive for their business needs.

Data transparency


Members have access through the SBFE Data Warehouse to tools that provide insight from the individual account level to overall portfolio performance trends.

SBFE membership


SBFE’s superior information security protocol and data governance procedures ensure that SBFE Data is used for permitted purposes.

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SBFE Multi-Certified vendor model Offers:

Data protection


SBFE enforces consistent security and data-use protections across all Certified Vendors.

Data perfection


SBFE facilitates product and data usage innovation through a competitive, multiple Certified Vendor model.

Data delivery


Members benefit from multiple vendor and product choices and can simplify their contingency planning through a single feed to SBFE.

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A few of our sbfe members

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