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Our Members choose to be part of a highly trusted reciprocal marketplace to ensure their small business data is protected and aid in the vitality of the small business ecosystem. SBFE Membership is open to any US small business lender who has the ability to report their small business lending data to the SBFE Data Warehouse™.

sBFE Membership Offers

Small business lenders rely on SBFE’s distinctive information security, risk and data governance controls. This confidence attracts lenders of all sizes and types from across the industry, making SBFE Data™ a rich and robust information source to enable sound credit risk management decisions.

Data Governance

Consistent monitoring and membership control of all contributed business data ensures high quality data

Most Predictive Data

Deep and broad penetration into small business payment performance that tends to outperform other data sources for credit decisioning purposes


A single feed to SBFE greatly simplifies your operations while enabling innovation and competition through SBFE’s multi-Certified Vendor model

Industry Leadership

Advocacy and partnership opportunities with industry peers to grow your business and better help your small business customers